Frequently asked questions

The lecturer must take part in the examination. If the lecturer is not able to take part in the examination, a departmental employee must attend it. Teacher  must inform e-learning coordinators by e-mail:, indicating the procedure of the exam organization.
No.  In order to do this, you can also contact e-learning coordinators by e-mail: and include specific information in the letter. 
Video conferences
Yes. You just have to write an e-mail to and adjust the time when your lecture will be filmed.
VLE Moodle
From  September 1, 2018  you will no longer need to register students at Moodle courses - students will be automatically connected according to the data provided in the Study Information System VUSIS. Therefore, you do not need to send your list to your curators. During the course of the semester, the list of your courses will also be updated in case of changes in student lists (student returns from academic leave, etc.). If you still notice discrepancies - write to:
From September 1, 2018 you will no longer need to create or order new courses - all courses will be created automatically according to the data presented in the Study Information System VUSIS. If you want to have an additional course or notice any discrepancies - write to:
Every year, there are a number of training sessions on various e-learning technology topics. This is announced in the VU information bulletin and on page: Also, trainings can be organized according to departmental orders by email